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Peaceful, serene, relaxing, grounding and calming are just the few of the words to describe my Healing Touch session with Karen. Karen greeted me at the door with her bright smile and a warm welcome! The treatment room was inviting and relaxing, a place where I was able to let go. During my session I was able to relax on the table with the beautiful healing music playing the background. As each moment passed I felt more and more relaxed- even falling asleep for a moment. After the session I felt lighter, more connected to myself and more grounded. Karen is able to treat the whole family! I would highly recommend a Healing Touch session with Karen for the whole family!


I was diagnosed with shingles in my eye and on my forehead, and scalp. I called Karen for some distance healing on Friday because my eye was almost swollen shut. She worked on me throughout the weekend. Monday morning I was back at work, no pain and almost all the swelling was gone. I was so amazed and became a total believer in her extraordinary healing abilities. Karen is my go-to person when things are going awry, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Karen McCloud and her Healing Touch skills have really helped our animals with past trauma, as well as physical injury. She creates an opportunity to release tension and open themselves to healing. Usually when I am with my animals during a session, I get much benefit and relaxation as well. This helps me to better assist my animals moving forward, and I’m then able to come from a more positive place.

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