About Karen: Open Heart and Intention

My energy healing story began in 2012 when I began my enrollment in classes to learn Healing Touch for Animals.

As a child, I saw colors and light around the edges of living things, but never quite understood what I was seeing. I just accepted it as normal. Many years later, I’ve come to understand that I can see the light from within.

Healing Touch for Animals resonated with me more each passing year, until I found myself in a Level 1 Healing Touch Program class for people. I was mesmerized by the opening of my heart and the feeling of self-worth. My reason for being was finally apparent! I enjoyed learning how to help to improve the lives and health of everyone I encountered who was interested in energy body work.

Healing Touch Program helps me to remind people of the light that resides in their hearts, giving themselves permission to heal and improve their life. My process is to show up, listen and to be in healing service for all individuals and animals.